Send a Fitness Challenge to your Friends

Help motivate a loved one to get moving by sending them a fitness challenge & reward.

Motivate someone with the Movetivate App

Choose someone to Movetivate!

Choose from you contacts or Facebook friends.

Craft a workout challenge on Movetivate

Craft the challenge

Select a challenge type, duration and how long your friend has to complete the challenge. Include a message to give them that extra boost!

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Give your friend a reward

Pick among your friend's favorite brands to help give them that little extra motivation to get moving! They only get the reward—and you only pay—if they complete the challenge!


Be Challenged!

Completing a challenge is seamless and authentic.

open your Movetivate challenge card

Open your challenge card

Your friend sends you a challenge! If you complete it in time, you get a reward from your friend.

Movetivate Challenge Card progress

Start your challenge

Start the challenge to begin. No manual proving is needed, you just focus on that work out and we'll handle the rest!

Collect your Movetivate reward

Collect your reward

Complete the challenge and collect the reward your friend was kind enough to get you!


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