How It Works

Using the Movetivate app as a loyalty platform is an easy way to incentivize clients to come back. Access to the platform is free and you only pay for the reward if your client checks in to your gym, studio or session.


Invite members to join, offer them rewards

Invite your members or clients to join the app. Friend them on Movetivate then offer them a gift card reward if they come to your gym, studio or session.


Client has to come back to gym to earn reward

They will get an e-card from you, which says how long they have to come back to your gym and what their reward is.

Challenge can’t be started until they’re at the location you designate for them. Movetivate verifies via phone’s GPS.

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client gets gift card emailed if done, otherwise money back

If the client comes back and completes the challenge in time, they get the gift card reward you bought emailed to them. If not, you get your money back.