Incentivize Your Members to Come Back

Movetivate can be used as a loyalty platform to reward clients and members for coming to your gym, studio or class.


How It Works

Using the Movetivate app as a loyalty platform is an easy way to incentivize clients to come back. Access to the platform is free and you only pay for the reward if your client checks in to your gym, studio or session.


Invite members to join, offer them rewards

Invite your members or clients to join the app. Friend them on Movetivate then offer them a gift card reward if they come to your gym, studio or session.


Client has to come back to gym to earn reward

They will get an e-card from you, which says how long they have to come back to your gym and what their reward is.

Challenge can’t be started until they’re at the location you designate for them. Movetivate verifies via phone’s GPS.

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client gets gift card emailed if done, otherwise money back

If the client comes back and completes the challenge in time, they get the gift card reward you bought emailed to them. If not, you get your money back.


How Gyms Are Using This

Movetivate is a great way to help clients build the routine of regularly coming to your gym or training sessions. It’s also a playful way of reconnecting with members who haven’t come around in a while.


Help new members build the habit when they sign up

When clients join your gym, show you’re committed to their new commitment by helping them build a routine. Offer to send them a $5 gift card reward once a week to encourage them to be consistent about getting a work out in.


enhance trainer-client relationships

Enrich trainer-client relationships by having trainers send their clients occasional challenges, incentivizing them to come to their sessions or work out at home.


reconnect with members who haven’t been back in a while

Draw back in members who haven’t been around in a while. Incentivize them to come in to your gym before their membership expires so they remember why they joined your gym in the first place!

Why Gyms Love This


Easy, turnkey loyalty platform

Movetivate’s platform is free to use. No contracts, no subscriptions, no discounting of your services. You only pay when clients actually show up!

attendance is objectively verified

Challenges can’t be started unless the client is at the location you sent. Movetivate verifies they’re there for the duration of the challenge using the phone’s GPS.

…meaning you only pay if they show up

This means you only reward clients for when they actually show up!

How To Get Started

  1. Download Movetivate from the App store

  2. Invite clients to join

  3. Send challenges to come to your location with a gift card reward

  4. Reach out to us with any questions or feedback!